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The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child - Francisco Jimenez

      After reading The Circuit by Francisco Jiménez, I think that the author wants us to realize the poverty that he went through, and what his family did to make ends meet. An example from the text is, when he was twelve years old he was working in the freezing cold with his father and older brother and the author explains this by saying, "Within seconds my toes were numb and I could hardly move my fingers. My hands were turning red and purple" (#)59.

      Panchito is like me because he is always trying to prove himself to his family, an example is Panchito wants a cotton sack of his own and I'm trying to get a phone of my own. The point in the book when I realized I couldn't put the book down is at the chapter El Angel de Oro, because this is when Panchito got his first friend Miguelito.